Been a while since I have contributed to my blog. Let me first start off by talking about Thanksgiving. Basically, it is myself and my sister (along with her husband and six children) and I who live the closest to each other. The rest of our family lives in…. Lets say the northern part of Virginia to the southern part of Pennsylvania. Watch… someone will figure this out and point my siblings here. Anyways, I honestly did not want to go to Thanksgiving. All that I saw was a mad scramble to rush to PA for an early dinner with minimal interaction with other adults due to the fact that there are a thousand children there. Please, do not get me wrong, I love kids, however, all the cousins under one small roof can get a little intense. So that situation coupled with a 3 hour drive there and back, does not make for an awesome day. ANYWAYS, my sister and I ran in to some issues while attempting to make it up north. Many were upset and that was sad, but, (and this is awful), it did not bother me so much. I can handle my family individually and on my time with no issues. However, when I am forced to be a part of a cheerful family function, I shut right the fuck down.

So, that was the start to my holiday. Now, I am going through finals which are sort of stressing me out. Actually, they are very much stressing me out. So what is my first reaction to stress? Drinking!! Drinking is awesome because, at least for a little, all those doubts, fears, and anxiety go away. I no longer drink to the point of utter annihilation, I instead have mastered the practice of moderation (sort of). I only say sort of because tonight was the exception. I drank, then foolishly went online and found pictures of the ex wife and the new boy toy. I want to point out that I am not a stalker nor did I purposefully search for pictures of her. I actually found them while on a FAMILY member’s page. Needless to say, it was an awesome visual that I definitely needed to see. Made me feel ultra fucking peachy. So here I am, now very much drunk and listening to songs that remind me of her…

How fucking pathetic am I?

I have killed people. People have tried to kill me, yet I cannot get over this one human being.

Fuck my life