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I know it has been a few days since posting. Being a full-time student interferes with my writing unfortunately. Tonight I felt like I should focus on something more uplifting. The one and only good thing I got from my failed marriage is Persephone, a now four year old Welsh Corgi. Persephone did not have a great start to her life. She was the runt and was born on a puppy mill. I hate the very existence of those places, but I digress. Persephone arrived via a photo attached to a text message while I was training for my upcoming deployment. One look at her and I told my wife, “get her right now! I do not care about the price”. She had such a tiny body but huge ears and big puppy eyes that were twinkling for the camera. So, 800 dollars later, Persephone entered our lives. I did not even meet her until a month later when I came home from training. Obviously, I fell in love immediately. She was tiny yet full of energy and was quick to give me a huge kiss (something she is still prone to doing). There was one problem, we had a Husky already and the two did not always get along. Persephone was bullied, but I was quick to defend my little girl. It wasn’t long that I had to ship off to Afghanistan. I missed her the whole time. I could always think about her and smile simply because I knew how playful and fun she was. Fast forward, past coming home, past the issues with the wife and I…

Obviously I was a disaster. I was forced to move back home and was unable to take my little girl with me. Luckily, she was able to stay with a relative. This transition from military to civilian life was extremely hard on me (that will be a story I tell at another time). It took me a couple years but I finally got back on my feet and when I did, Persephone and I were reunited! Despite spending so much time apart she remembered her dad! She jumped up on me and wiggled her butt. She gave me endless kisses. She has been with me for the last year. She has no formal training but I tell everyone she is my therapy dog. She has a way about her where she can make anyone feel like the most important person in the world. I know that whenever I return from class or running errands that she will be there waiting for me with a huge smile on her face. She senses when I am down, when I am panicking, when I have a bad dream, when I am crying. All she does is jump up on the bed and nudges my hand with her nose and gives me a huge kiss. While it doesn’t completely take away the awful feelings that are going through my mind, I at least know that little Persephone loves me and needs me just as much as I need her. Thank you little one for being so good to me.